Temporary Protective Status (“TPS”)

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Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) provides a temporary safe haven in the United States for foreign nationals when the U.S. government determines that: (1) there is an armed conflict in their home country which poses a serious threat to the safety of its citizens in the United States should they return; or (2) an earthquake, flood, drought, epidemic or other climate or environmental disaster results in a substantial but temporary disruption of living conditions in a country that is unable temporarily to handle the return of its citizens in the United States.  Currently, citizens of the following countries are residing in the United States in TPS status:  El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

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The Trump Administration has announced plans to end the TPS status of citizens from the following countries on the dates listed below:

Country Announced Termination of Dates of TPS Designation
El Salvador September 9, 2019
Haiti July 22, 2019
Honduras January 9, 2020
Nepal June 24, 2019
Nicaragua January 9,2019
Sudan November 2,2018

A number of federal lawsuits have been filed challenging the Trump Administration’s termination of the TPS designation of the above-listed countries.  Since TPS status is only temporary and the Trump Administration has announced the termination of the TPS designation of the countries listed above, it is very important that TPS recipients consult with experienced attorneys regarding possible immigration options for remaining in the United States and relief from removal should they be placed in removal proceedings when their TPS status ends.

HSPRD attorneys advise and represent foreign nationals regarding TPS matters, including possible immigration options for obtaining lawful permanent residence status or for applying for relief from removal in the event their TPS status ends and they are placed in removal proceedings.  To schedule a consultation with HSPRD attorneys concerning TPS matters, please contact our Firm at 312-239-7676.

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